Sticky notes are a product that will find excellent application in many places. Thanks to the broad selection of forms and the possibility of customising the design according to your own needs, this convenient gadget will come in handy not just in the office. Watch the Club of Notes video about this most versatile promotional product.


Sticky Notes come in handy at work in many trades and at many posts. Most of us can’t imagine an office with a shortage of this product. Sticky notes are an excellent article for promoting your company or institution. Thanks to the possibility of customising each element, from the colour and the form to the accessories and the finish, each design will be unique. And yet they will always remain the same old sticky notes. Though mostly associated with office space, sticky notes will also find application in trade. Sample packs or additional information about a product or service that can be taken home will make a client remember your company better.

The adhesive paper that we use for our products is available in various colours and grammages. Our offer also includes paper that is manufactured in 100% using recycling (discover the products from the ECO line) . All the sticky notes are covered with an adhesive strip, produced based on water, which is more environmentally friendly. Our self-developed Vivid Print technology ensures an excellent reproduction of graphics, and makes it possible to recreate a design in detail.